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THE AUDIENCE REMEMBERS(a contradiction in terms)

Thanks to Steve Power for suggesting this(ex Bad Rabbit-see link)

Two memories from Steve:-
I saw Jethro Tull at the LS on 19th March 1973 and the cue went almost all the way around the building!

When I saw Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel there (can't remember the year) there was a fire (I think it was a false alarm) and the whole audience was sent outside for about 20 minutes. When we got back in, the band started from exactly where they had left off in the set!

From Steve Greenall:-
. I did see my first ever gig at the Stadium, though...Roy Wood's Wizzard, circa 1973, swiftly followed by AC/DC's first ever tour. As Angus was being branded as the obnoxious school kid even then, in about 1974, I took up the challenge of wearing my Prescot Grammar School cap and tie, and whilst I didn't make the grand final of the AC/DC school kid competition, held at Hammersmith Apollo, merely getting togged up for the Stadium gig ensured an album as a prize, and I won a copy of Alice Cooper's Muscle of Love.

David Bowen commented:-
I was at the Free concert in '71. As I remember it was Mott the Hoople who supported - a great gig from both bands, especially the late and great Paul Kossof.

Andy Lovelady submits this (anyone heard of this before?):-
A work colleague advised me today that on a recent documentary Dave Hill out
of Slade claimed to have fallen off his silly shoes and broke his ankle at
the stadium .
Now confirmed by Jon Kirkman,see guestbook entry.

Dave Orrett comes up with:-
First concert we ever went to was Status Quo/ Savoy Brown in '73. One hell of an eye opener, it was like being in a totally different world (well it was compared to Kirkby!). 15 years old and there we were fresh from Ruffwood surrounded by all these guys totally flaked out wondering what was up with them, we couldn't work out whether they were enjoying themselves or not.

Saw Robin Trower, must have been '75 with my sister and a mate from school in the same year as her. She spent most of the time complaining that she couldn't see. So we'd push her up on the wooden divider that ran along the walkways, every time we got her up a bouncer/ security guard whould come along and tell her to get down. I bought some joss sticks that night, my great coat stunk for months afterwards.

Two things, why no mention of the Cross Keys? It was always the first stop off after we got off the 92B

Also does anyone know the whereabouts of my white bush hat, it had a pile of embroidery on my mum did, including a fine Hawkwind eagle. I lost it in the Stadium somewhere.

Message from Paul Adams....
Just surfing and found your site. I was a student at Durham between 1970 & 1973 but had a girlfriend in Liverpool who I visited regularly(she was at the Uni) and each of my visits seemed to coincide with a visit to the Stadium. I remember seeing Mountain on a Wednesday(Best concert I ever saw) followed by Free on the Saturday. Other acts I saw there included Rory Gallagher, Deep Purple, John Mayall, Bad Company, Nazareth etc. Favourite memories include Roxy Music being booed off stage as backing band to Rory Gallagher. Least favourite memory turning up to a Faces concert to find it had been cancelled.
I am presuming it now no longer exists, typical another place of fond memory gone. What happened to it and when ?
"There are places I remember, some have gone and some remain"
Anyway thanks for the site even if it has made me nostalgically depressed. Keep it going.

Paul Adams
(Editors Note..excellent quote for the site home page there Borrowed from the Beatles)

 Mike Windmill??(well I may be wrong!) has these memories including one of dear old "WALLY!"
What a brillant site - I spent my youth growing up in the LS - my 1st ever
gig was Hawkwind on space ritual tour - last was the AC/DC concert when
things got wrecked!

Funniest memory - Keith Christmas offering to take the crowd on single handed
when he got booed off - best must be the Gong gigs (especially at 44p!).

Other good memories - Supercharge - the Tangs - Can + 100's more!

1st time I got legless was on a 2ltr bottle of argie white - follwed by a
pint of guiness in pub round courner - they were happy to serve a 14 year old
without any questions (what was that pub called??).  1st time I got stoned
was helping Hawkwind roadies in with gear - they passed round interesting
herbal remedies - and also bought us some of those really nice french sticks
they used to sell inside.

Anyway - have loads more memories - just not the time at the moment to recall
them for you - WALLY!!!

Hey..A diary memory.This is superb and in the true spirit of this site!
Saturday June 28th 1975 {aged 15 }
   ''In the night we decided to go to the stadium,but
not to go in {cos it was 80p and we can't stand Ronnie
Lane},but to sit on the steps. So we went down and
first of all just walked round. We sat outside and we
later went to the Keys. We saw kieth Humphreys who was
stoned then the police landrover moved us on. Sat on
the steps and Rob came to tell us that Tommy {Myers}
had been taken to the pig station for being drunk and
disorderly and underage. Then Neil came over and let
us in by opening  the door and handing us two
tickets.Dad met us in exchange station.''
Julie Mccoll

Dave Padgett remembers.......stuff I remember too.!

I always remember that whilst the kids were freaking out at the front there
was a lonely figure (?a caretaker?) up at the top of the disused half of the
stadium dispassionately sucking on either a roll up or a woodbine in the
half light

I remember a brilliant  Wisbone Ash gig from the same tour that "Live Dates"
was culled.I also remember a brilliant Dr Feelgood gig (with Wilco Johnson)

Bad Companies first tour

I think that my own personal favourite was the 6 hour concert with Global
Village Trucking Co/Hatfield and the North (my favourites) and Gong

A memory from The Bano(how??)

.....yeah..... I remember nothing about most gigs, as by about 4.00pm I was usually off my box......but I do vaguely recall a standing ovation for Frank Zappa that lasted for an eternity......the band refused to do an encore.....and the crowd refused to leave...........until (I think) the cops arrived.............hmmmm.......did anyone ever find Wally?


Love Cheese and cauliflower power

Phil Jurek

And Cheryl Said:-
oh God - that horrible smelly afghan - my Mum used to make me keep it in the garage.

My memories!
Meeting Sonja Kristina,streakers,teasing Eddie Jobson(who took it well)that he was too young to drink in the pub (17 he was),backstage for Gong and Curved Air,Mole breaking a bottle whilst drunk and Roger Eagle tearing ten strips off him,queuing all day,unconcious Fish(a person)at the Space Ritual.Val Hills Pixie hat.Friends who are still around to this day.That Faust concert.Space Ritual recorded live.Headbanging.The tunnel. there are just so many memories!!!!!! AHHH just remembered..Arfas bowlr hat a la Judy Teen for ......Cockney Rebel..He always was a wag..Ha ha ha still bloody is too!

Tony Johnson remembers Barclay James Harvest!
yes I remember the live gig at Liverpool Stadium in 1974. In fact
I helped the BJH roadies set up the stage and was then treated to an almost
private concert as the band rehearsed extensively for the live recording
that night. It was an exquisite half hour. I believe only a small amount of
the concert found its way onto the final recording. The original gig had
been cancelled at a very late stage due to a serious electrical problem. Let
me know if you need more info on this.

I must also confess to seeing the Irish Prog Rock band Fruupp at the Stadium
in 1975. A smallish but enthusiastic audience enjoyed that one. Bizarrely I
only remember those 2 concerts there.

Myke Crombleholmes memory!(is fine I think)

Immediate memories include Supertramp (19/10/74) poorly attended(!), AC/DC,Ted
Nugent, beads, love bites!!!!, huge submarine (sandwiches), "Wally" and more.

Shortie from Russ Reid:-
I was taken to see Can at the Stadium when I was 13. Holger was wearing white gloves and shook his head from side to side throughout, and the light show was a red light on one side of the stage and a blue one on the other. Amazing

One from Dave...?Dignum?
My first ever concert was at the Stadium, T/Rex.  The following also stick
out from the memory banks.
Hawkwind Space Ritual (best show ever seen)
Free farewell tour
Mott the Hoople Rock & roll circus, featuring the late Max Wall, who when
bombarded with cans etc. returned the fire & remained in good humour & won
the crowd over.
Sha Na Na.  Only got in for the encores, but they did about 13.
Roxy Music, really fresh new sound.
Sabbath, loudest group I ever heard, my ears rang for about 2 weeks.
Status Quo, many times always good show.
Supertramp, at the time one of the best support bands around.
Anyone remember the all day concerts that started about 4pm, nice hot dogs
from the stall.
The Sweet, many regulars trying not to be seen with younger brothers/sisters
in tow.
Waking up after Amsterdam Lil show and being asked to help clear away, I was
later offered a job as a roadie for them, but when I told them I was only 15
didn't have a driving licence & couldn't drive, was told it didn't matter I'd
learn !!!
Whatever happened to them?
I do remember the Cross Keys, but don't remember the name of the small pub
round the back.
Did anyone ever get the answer as to why we used to queue so early when we
had tickets(OK to get good speck) but why at about 4pm without any apparent
signal or reason did those who'd been seated on steps outside suddenly decide
to stand up till the doors opened about 3 hours later.
What a venue, hot, damp, bad accoustics but loads of atmosphere, never again
captured by the Empire, Royal Court etc.
Special times in a special place, more memories some time soon.
Thanks for such a good site.
Take care Dave.

For The Audience Remembers

Please use this if its got any merit at all.

Phil Williams.


The usual three oclock in the afternoon start. Sitting in the queue for a Hawkwind gig and drinking cider from a liter bottle. The queue was already stretching around the corner and I remember a chant was going up, started by a bunch of bikers about twenty people down from us. It went something like this.

Mother doesnt like Dave Brock, Dave Brock. Mother doesnt like Dave Brock

Mother doesnt like Stacia, Stacia. Mother doesnt like Stacia

It carried on in an army like fashion, gaining volume as it was picked up by the queue, until Mother hadnt liked the whole band. Then it started again. I recall staring at the stadium steps, all sparkling white in my memory, thinking I was in heaven.

Now this wasnt the Space Ritual concert, it was the one after, In Search Of Space I think, and heres a thing. I dont remember if I was at The Ritual. I remember going to the Stadium on that day, I remember having a ticket; I just have no memory of being at the gig.

So I believe it was getting dark when the notorious Ellere arrived and began to peddle his Nembies and Tuies (Downers to you and me) from a large clear plastic bag. Ten pence each I think. He also sold various hemp like substances which had numerous names but always turned out to be Red Leb, (or so I am reliably informed, never having dabbled myself, honest officer).  Anyway Mother doesnt like Lemmy, Lemmy. Mother doesnt like Lemmy.

By this time Im steaming. Those old geezers open the doors and I get rushed in, with a little help from my friends.

Now heres a thing. I cant remember anything of the gig. Except this one very, very important moment. The sirens start droning, the lights begin to strobe, the audience goes crazy as Hawkwind crank up Master Of The Universe, and.

Stacia is standing on stage, not ten feet away from me, looking directly into my eyes! I swear to god, she had one arm outstretched pointing at me and she was drilling a hole into the back of my head with her eyes.

Im sure that at that point the whole world dissolved and there was just the two of us alone in that huge space. Cant remember anything else about the gig.

Funny old thing memory eh?

Memories of Roger Eagle from Al Peterson of local R'n'B combo "The Lawnmower"(not really audience but what the hell)

I worked the Stadium with Supercharge and saw many of the greats ie Chuck Berry, Captain Beefheart, Frank Zappa etc

I remember when Roger was involved with Alan Cottam (Supercharge manager at that time) on the Stadium Promotions.
The night in question was when Chuck Berry, patting his trusted enforcer he kept in his inside pocket, and refused to perform unless he had 2000 in cash up front!
Alan C frantically managed to arrange this prior to Chuck's performance dashing around Liverpool in a taxi and with almost disastrous financial consequences, was in such a rush to get the money to Mr Berry and get him onstage on time (as the fans were getting restless), that he left a black briefcase outside the Stadium totally unattended whilst paying the taxi fare and dashing inside.
Honest AL came to the rescue and handed the black briefcase to Roger who couldn't believe it!
I was not aware of the contents until informed by the Eagle who wasn't at all happy on realising what could have been!
He let Alan know in no uncertain terms.
Have you ever experienced a raging Eagle?

Best of luck with the site.


AL Willard Peterson

Peter McDermott sends this message to these pages:-
Not only can I remember the place, I actually worked there.

I probably started going around 1970/71. I was still at school at the time, perhaps 15.

I had a couple of friends -- Mal McGreary, Alan Reason and John Cresswell, and we'd go to every event and try to bunk in -- not just to the Stadium, but to every event in the city. St. Georges Hall, Mountford Hall (at the University), the Empire, the Philharmonic Hall and The Stadium. All hosted rock concerts back in those days.

Anyway, Roger Eagle, who ran the Stadium, got so sick to death of us that he gave us a job. In return for helping the roadies haul in the goods, we'd get in for free. We'd make money by selling hash and acid to the bands on the side. I can still recall getting an ounce for Status Quo, which must have been later period, because I believe I charged them 16, and when I started working there, an ounce of good black only cost a tenner (12 for Gold Seal).

Some of the bands I recall seeing that aren't on your list:

Chuck Berry: who turned up with some nasty old slapper in tow (possibly his wife?) and wouldn't go on stage until he'd had his fee, but gave an outstanding performance.

Captain Beefheart: Twice. Once touring to support 'Spotlight Kid', the second time (when I had to take him to Hessy's to buy strings) touring with 'Clear Spot'.

Nazareth/New York Dolls/Lou Reed. I believe it was the tour after Transformer (which I believe he did at the Top Rank.) Lou wouldn't go on if the Dolls went on before him, so they put a tape into a cheap, 10 portable battery cassette player, stuck a mike in front of the speaker and played that over the PA for 40 minutes. Then Lou came on and did one of the best gigs I ever saw. (I'd seen the Velvets a few years before at the Mountford Hall, but Lou wasn't with them. Touring to promote 'Loaded' and Lou had just quit.

Led Zeppelin. Saw these twice in Liverpool as well. First time, when Led Zep 3 was released and they played the Mountford Hall. Then a year or so later, (possibly for Led Zep 4) when they played the Stadium.

Roxy Music: Who were a supporting act. Don't recall the headliners but it was definitely, the best debut I ever saw.

I was very happy there, until Roger Eagle caught me gulping down a bottle of Dr. Collis Browne's Compound and sacked me on the spot.

From Joan Bimson comes.......LOADS!
Hi there, I'm not sure who I'm writing to, but I've just stumbled on your
wonderful site!
I was a stadium regular from the early 70s until it's demise.My first
concert was T.Rex in 1971, but then I saw Hawkwind umpteen times, and used
to arrive early on a gig day to queue and watch the gear come in! (only
other regulars would understand the thrill of it!) My first, and most
dramatic (or messy anyway) drinking bouts were on the stadium steps. Never
had a very strong stomach for booze since then - but still practising!

I should explain who I am. My name's Joan Bimson, and I used to come over
from Southport. I had difficulty persuading girlfriends to come over with me
(I always had a rather butch taste in music!) and eventually plucked up the
courage to come on my own. I remember the date of my first solo gig; it was
april 7th, 1973 - Captain Beefheart's magic band. From then on I made
friends, and eventually made the coffee for the stage crew. I thought it was
great! Running errands and mopping floors and getting in for nothing! Seems
very naive now in my cynical later years, but it was so much fun!

I think I remember Dave Roberts, but I definately remember Tosh!

I palled up with a girl from Eastham called Cris Matthews, and my later
concert going years were usually with her. She emigrated to Australia, and I
saw her for the first time in about 15 years a little while ago. The first
thing we did was go to the stadium site. In my memory, the place was huge,
and the site just didn't seem big enough, however it will always be huge in
my mind's eye!

I always look out for stadium veterans around Liverpool, and I've even
spotted a few, but never plucked up the courage to introduce myself! I don't
think I've changed that much - though I'd be gutted if someone else thought

Inspired by many of the bands I saw there, I went on to become a musician
(bassist) for many years. I stopped playing in 97 and did a degree in
Liverpool. I'm doing a PhD here now and a little lecturing.

Be great to catch up with other regulars,
best wishes,

Send me your memories....or arrange to see a the e mail link.