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These may be to other sites re the bands or just to sites that interest me..ALL (fairly) CLEAN CONTENT...sorry

LIVERPOOL STADIUM SITE 2 "The Photos"A Virtual Stadium! My second site.

Oldboys Rock Radio....Sabs,Purple,Hawks etc etc online radio!!!

Site regarding ERICS another later Liverpool haunt!

Phil Almans Radio site !

Alex Cox........Film Producing chappy

Eccleston Lane Ends School,my alma mater ,MY SITE TOO!

OzIt Records and More,well worth a visit!

Official Hawkwind News .

Nik Turners Space Ritual ! !

Yet another good Hawkwind site.

We get a mention (check the rest of his site too.Gavin Sutherland)

Windsor Festival '73 my bit!!

The Maverick Club(The Banos rants and rather good music)

Classic Rock Radio!!Worth a listen...

Curved Air Site

Tribal Heart(Gong Bands)

PLANET GONG..Need I say more!

Hawkeye on Hawkwind (superb fan site)

Starfarers Hawkwind page (another excellent fan site)

Jethro Tull Official Website (If this was not here Steve and Alan would never forgive me)

In Search Of The Mersey Blues(Al Petersons(The lawnmower)site with Roger Eagle stuff onboard)

Official Porcupine Tree Site (brilliant band ,would have been a storm at The Stadium)

Kaleidoscope Records (Superb music shop)

Jorgen Angels Rock Photos (Some Hawkwind..and Stacia pix on there)

Barclay James Harvest Official Site

My mate Daves site about Rainhill Psychiatric Hospital.I used to work there as a "Psychedelic" Nurse.Very interesting and informative site!

Feed Hungry People(seriously)

Review of Bowie at the Stadium in 1972.

Steve Powers Irish Music Shop in Adare,Eire.Worth a look if Irish is your scene.Excellent Selection of music and instruments.Support your Stadium buddies!!!!

Bad Rabbit Hole

Short Story(interesting re the Stadium)

Simon King and Hawkwind(excellent resource of Mp3 and things akin To the beater of skins)

Live review of Fruup 1975 Stadium gig CANT type here!

Fill your teapot up with tea!